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About the Ghost Farm of Kingsley

My family is going on it's 12th year of bringing a theatrical haunt to Northern Michigan. We work from January 1st  and maniacally to and through opening night at the Ghost Farm of Kingsley's Autumn Haunted Attraction. Why do we add our energy, sweat, sometimes tears, and definitely blood ( I am a clutz.) to bring this unique, haunted attraction to our community?


A few reasons.  The first was that on an early morning in March 2009, my family lost its patriarch Frank Donald Dine. He was a father of 9 and a devoted husband to Ellen Dine. A biology teacher, biologist, baseball and softball lover,  and advocate for wildlife and children in his community. Dad loved kids and he loved helping out his friends, loved ones, and community. He is the one that got me going with my love of the past and where we come from. Dad as a young boy in the village of Kingsley, would spend his mornings adding coal to the fires of the Methodist Church and being the pride and love of the first postmaster, a school and bible school teacher  Florence  and her husband, the local barber,  Frank.  My fondest memories, were listening to dad speak with younger generations about what their older relatives had been up to in Kingsley. Dad knew everyone in our tiny and welcoming village and always met them with a smile and welcoming heart. 


The other item dad instilled in his children, was the drive to love the environment around us.  He loved biology and toward the end of his life, purchased a piece of land to create a micro, educational farm for children to come visit and grow from. Sadly, dad only was able to see the beginning of the project get started before complications from renal failure took his life far too soon.  His passing devastated my family and I was the one that ended up doing CPR on dad that morning in March. I didn't realize how that night would alter me until looking back a decade after his death.  Within a year, I knew that I had to focus this pain into a positive force. In  memory of dad,  I rallied around an idea to get the farm up and going and get people out there to enjoy it.


With the help of my family, on October of 2010, the Ghost Farm of Kingsley opened to two events. The Haunted Attraction and the Fun Fall Days where Families with children could come out and visit the farm and its residents! This is truly a family event.  All of my 8 brothers and sisters came out to help with the farm in one way or another.  The Grandma Storyteller that greets you with true local stories around a fire, is  Frank's wife, Ellen. The actors in the woods are made up of many of Frank's children and the lady behind concessions and setting up your "tours" is one of Frank's children as well. His sons help with marketing and getting the utilities up and working each  year!  


All this work and time put in by my family means that we get to help the volunteers that come out and fund raise for their organizations. Our most prominent organization is Forever Farmin' 4-H Club ( 2018 Club of  the Year!) who fund raise to cover their educational field trips and camping expenses for the Fair.  We also have helped Kingsley High School groups, other 4-H clubs, youth groups, ballerinas, and more schools throughout our decade.  The thousands of dollars fund raised each year can make all the difference to a young one who otherwise would be unable to experience opportunities that challenge and help them grow into the awesome potential that each and every child possesses.  Dad could see this in each and everyone of his children and the children he taught. I am just continuing dad's legacy.


I hope you join us at an event coming up and THANK YOU for visiting the Ghost Farm of Kingsley...where we do so much more than farm fun! 



7th child of Frank and Ellen Dine 

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