COVID-19 Information


Our hope is that your visit is as worry-free to beautiful, downtown Traverse City as possible.

Here are some guidelines for the 2021 season!

* All tours are completely 100% outside. Please come with a mask as there are times where downtown Traverse City is crowded and you will be in close vicinity to others.  

*  Our public, walking tours are a mixture of several different bookings. You and your party may come into close contact with others while walking through downtown Traverse City either via the group or patrons to the area.  If you would like to not be in close proximity to others on the tour, opting for a private tour would be best. (to book a private tour, please call Haunted Traverse).

*Worry-Free bookings! Need to change to a different date for a booked tour? No worries! If we have the space, we will switch dates for free. It's easy to do. Just email or call us!  


You are on vacation and plans may change, we completely understand this. We just ask that you give us the courtesy of a 24-hour notice prior to your tour start time so we may open the tour back up for others to book. Full Refunds are provided when tours are canceled with at least a 24-hour notice. 

So hopefully, this eases your mind and brings less worry to your visit! We hope to see you out there prowling the streets of Traverse City in search of ghosts, history...and some fun too! :)  ~Haunted Traverse