About Haunted Traverse


Haunted Traverse offers two main attractions for locals and visitors looking for things to do in Traverse City.


Founded in 2010, The Ghost Farm of Kingsley is Traverse City's premier theatrical haunted house attraction. Our guests enjoy an interactive, scream inducing experience in our Cursed Barn, Haunted Trail, and Gravely Greenhouse filled with monsters, special effects and amazing volunteer actors. 

We also offer Traverse City Historical Ghost Tours

Prowl through downtown Traverse City in search of ghosts and specters. Find out why Traverse City's fate may have been very different - if not for a game of Euchre, how the State Theatre may show you more than the latest movie and join us on a hunt for the spirits that haunt the location of Traverse City's first graveyard. 

About our Team



Hello! My name is Desirae and I am the  great grand daughter of a Kentucky witch. My great grandmother Adelaide was born in Kentucky and was imbued with particular gifts.  One of Adelaide's legacy to her descendants was the sensitivity to perceive spirit! So  you could say that the paranormal is in my blood! Literally! Adelaide had other interesting gifts as well which I touch on in my tour.  


My own experiences with the paranormal are told on my tours. From my sighting of a ghostly spirit in the basement of the State Theater to an interesting encounter with a stack of books at a local, used bookstore. In the summer of 2017, I landed in the hospital and actually had an encounter with two spirits in the MRI machine and could not get them to be quiet.  Life is pretty interesting and fun when you know without a doubt there is something more out there. What that exactly is, I do not know for sure, but I enjoy exploring this subject and pushing the limits of what we know about the lore of the paranormal. 


So life is interesting when you have Adelaide's blood running through your veins, but it's nothing compared to the stories of the dead of Traverse City.  I hope you'll join me on a tour where we truly bring the dead back to life...well sort-of!


Clara Cherry

Clara has several furr babies she is the proud mama of and loves all things paranormal. She loves phychic readings and always is on the path toward personal improvement. She loves ghost hunting and all things with the paranormal. Look for Clara to be helping Des out from time-to-time throughout the summer season and weekends in October!