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Ghost Farm Haunted House-south of Traverse City

Haunted Houses are all different. Every organizer and dreamer of the macabre have their own take on what it should be. When it comes to deciding which kind of haunt a designer is looking to make, it comes down to two things. How much imagination does someone have and how hard do they want to work to make those imaginings come to life.

In America, the trend of haunted houses tend to run toward moving as many people through a maze-like constructed haunted house fueled with animatronics and costumed actors that push a customer quickly through its halls. This has its advantages and disadvantages.

The plus side is that the haunt can raise funds to keep the doors opened and hire full time staff that work on the haunt all year round. The downside to this type of haunt is that it trades interaction with its guests on a personal-fear inducing level to almost non-existent.

This is not the Ghost Farm of Kingsley's approach. In Japan, there are haunted houses that create a storyline. Essentially this storyline pulls the guests of the haunted house into being an active participant in how the story unfolds instead of a bystander watching everything playout in a predetermined way.

The Ghost Farm of Kingsley was designed to truly submerge a guest into what story is unfolding out at the Farm-much like the haunted houses of Japan. In Japan, the story is usually centered around the Yurei-Ghosts that are doomed to haunt the afterlife because of an untimely or tragic death. At the Ghost Farm, there is always at the center of the story, a Farmer of the land and why the Farm (it's own entity) is doing what its doing to the Farmer. The Farm is our Yurei.

In Japan, the scares are not designed to push the customers through as fast as possible, but to get the most primal and elicit reaction from their guest. As if demanding by the environment and quality of acting the guests forget that it's not real and thus forgetting they are safe. This means taking the time, for the guest to feel submerged in the alternate reality that exists the moment they pull up on the Farm. It also means that the Ghost Farm's guests could be scared to stand in the same spot for minutes and the only way they leave is on their own volition. The actors won't let you opt out of the fear that has you frozen.

So Dear Guests, if you are brave and looking for a truly unique, theatrical haunted house in Traverse City, look no further than the outskirts of the tiny village of Kingsley-just 15 minutes south of Traverse City. The Yurei at the Ghost Farm creates a fear-fueled adrenaline rush and an unforgettable experience where you, Dear Guest, decide how the story unfolds. Are you brave enough for the Farm's woods? See y'all out at the Ghost Farm of Kingsley this October 6,7,13,14,20,21,27 and 28th from 7-11PM.

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