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Traverse City Haunted House

Good Evening Dear Guests,

The Ghost Farm of Kingsley, a haunted house on a farm, is looking for a few good ghouls with spirit(volunteers) We have helped fund raise thousands of dollars for local organizations. If you have a group of fun-loving volunteers looking to help an organization meet its fundraising goals, please contact us for more information.

Let me give you a quick summary of what it would be like to haunt out at this Haunted House just south of Traverse City. We have a mandatory training day-don't worry this is A LOT of F. U. N.!!! This year the training day is on September 30th from 7pm-11PM. We feed you up with tasty treats and teach you the basics and tricks of haunting. This will give you the simple skills needed to wreak terror on the guests that you haunt. Shy? Don't worry. We can find you a spot where you can still have fun. No need to be self-conscious anyway because you are behind a mask and no one will no who you are :)

We are a haunted walk just south of Traverse City going on our 8th year, so we have been doing this for a while. One of our operating goals is to make a positive impact on our community by helping with fundraisers for local non-profits, but at the same time we pride ourselves on presenting a professional quality haunted house in Michigan so if you do sign-up, we just ask that you look over the following guidelines:

1. Attend a training night (we can train you on a different night if 30 Sept. doesn't work).

2. Sign up for days to haunt. We have very flexible scheduling so your group's individuals choose the days they can haunt. No need to all come out on the same night-unless you want to!

3. Please haunt the nights you sign up for. We have limited spots each night open for volunteers. This means we will not have enough people if our volunteers sign up for a night and then cancel or no show so please attend if you sign-up for a night to haunt.

Other then that, we try to be flexible and accommodate our volunteers. We are looking for fun loving people for our haunted house just south of Traverse City and with that raw material, we can make you into a great haunted house actor! So don't wait, contact us today for more information!

p.s. The Ghost Farm Haunted House just south of Traverse City does have paid actor positions. Please contact us for more information.

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