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The Bones and Heart of the Ghost Farm of Kingsley-Haunted Attraction Just South of Traverse City Mic

-The Ghost Farm of Kingsley's Grand Finale is coming this weekend Dear Guests. Our last two nights with our full cast of Monsters and other creatures that haunt the night at the Ghost Farm. Every year, we get great reviews from the guests that come out and let us have the honor of terrorizing them through our three haunted attractions. Thank you for your wonderful comments, they fuel my monsters just as much as the Halloween candy!

We have a unique haunt at the Ghost Farm. We don't do several haunted attractions and we don't push through our guests to get the most guests through our haunts. We focus on doing three, really scary haunted attractions. Eye appealing and engaging, our haunt could be described as a theatrical presentation of the terrifying and enchantingly ghostly. But what makes the Ghost Farm of Kingsley so unique? One could say its the skin, bones, and heart that make-up the Ghost Farm.

The bones of our the three themed events we chose each year would be our themes and storylines. Every year we create three NEW haunted attractions almost from scratch. So each year, Dear Guests, you get a new and exciting experience at the Ghost Farm. The spine of the Ghost Farm is our haunted Trail. Each year, the story that unfolds along its path is bound around a Farmer and what sort of terror he or she is bringing to the Ghost Farm. Then our Gravely Greenhouse and Cursed Barn change its themes every year too!

If the storyline and theme are the bones, then the attention to detail is the skin that fills out the visually stimulating haunted attractions you see at the Ghost Farm. We start working on the haunt first thing in January and we work up to opening night to make it all come together.

So we have our bones and our skin and last then comes the heart of our walk, the volunteers that come out to make us the best haunted attraction in Northern Michigan. We scare a different way then most haunts out there and our volunteer monsters are the blood and life force that bring the Ghost Farm's undead to life. Thank you for all your hard work my Monsters. You make the Ghost Farm heave with screams!

So now you know Dear Guests, what makes up our Ghost Farm Haunted Attractions. We hope to see you out for our Grand Finale this weekend with our last two nights at full cast! If you can make it out for our Skeleton Crew night on Halloween, we will be donating additional proceeds to the Hurricane Relief Fund with the Red Cross.

-The Ghost Farm is open this Friday and Saturday 7-11 PM

Halloween Night we are open 9-11PM. Don't Tarry Dear Guests, the Night of The Blood Moon haunted Trail will be gone forever with the chiming of midnight on Halloween Night!

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