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This is my gear list for equipment that I use when ghost hunting!  If you must add on over time to your gear, start with an EMF Reader, Divining Rods, and your Camera Phone (videos, photos, and audio recording apps).  Next, I would add a Spirit Box to your tool gear and so on. I have put affiliate links that will take you to where I purchase my equipment when ghost hunting. There is no cost to you to use these links, but I am compensated for the referral. Thank you for  your support!


Ghost Hunting Equipment


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Dowsing Rods

Perfect for finding fields of energy

The technique we use is to 

have spirit manipulate the device.


Spirit Box 

Operating a Spirit Box is 

the next step for adding to a ghost hunter's tool box


EMF Reader

Finds Electromagnetic Fields.

I recommend this device for 

novice ghost hunters.



Detects Energy Fields

Change in Temperatures

Great tool for interactions


Advanced EMF Reader

EMF fields can be hard to detect

This one is more sensitive, but

knowing Field Ranges is needed


Infrared Thermal Camera

Don't bite on anything less than $400 meter. Find one with 

HIGH resolution. 

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