3 Things To Do in Traverse City for the Ghost Lover

Paranormal adventures await those visiting Traverse City and the surrounding area. As a lifelong resident, born and raised, I have heard through the grapevine more than a few ghost stories. Here are my top 6 things to do for the adventurer looking for the spooky side of life!

1. Check out Haunted Traverse for a great walking tour through the fog-filled streets of Downtown Traverse City. The Historical Ghost Lantern Tour, led by a steampunk outfitted tour guide, will have you thrilled with ghost stories about Travers City!

2. The hunt is on....for Ghosts! A Ghost Investigation is for those with the inquisitive nature to want to know if there is something more out there than sailboats on Grand Traverse Bay. The best opportunity to get those chills shivering up and down your spine is to pick up that EMF Reader and go with your guide on a real life ghost hunt. Equipment-like the hunters on TV-are placed in your hands and your investigation is led by a seasoned ghost hunter. To book a coveted spot, visit the Ghost Hunting Experience with Haunted Traverse.

3. Cemeteries are always a place to visit if you are looking for ghostly happenings. The Oakwood Cemetery is not the first Cemetery in Traverse City, but it is the largest. Wonder through the paths to come across gravestones like the founder of Traverse City, Mr. Perry Hannah.

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