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Thank you so much for coming out on one of my tours or experiences. I created this tour company to help guests of Traverse City have some paranormally good fun! But the FUN is NOT over just yet. Here is a free Snack Attack Walking Food Tour to explore right here in the heart of Traverse City! Have fun and thank you again! ~Desirae

Win a Free Haunted Traverse Magnet!

Take selfies at the Fun Spots recommended and post them to Facebook.com/hauntedtraverse or our Instagram.com/hauntedTraverse, or any of our social media accounts. If you post all the Photo Op/Fun Spots pictures for each site, Haunted Traverse will mail out a free Haunted Traverse magnet. Be sure to tag Haunted Traverse so we know to look for you!


Helpful Tips:

Your Snack Attack Tour starts on the East end of Front Street and walks West on Front Street, ending at a shop on Union Street, right next to the big, red bricked bank building with a clock in the tower. 

Businesses may only be open in the morning/early afternoon. I would do this tour around 11 am in order to hit all the spots. 

Some spots may be closed on an off day due to staff shortages. I have provided links to each businesses' websites so you can see operating hours. 

This tour should take about 90 minutes with an easy stroll through Downtown Traverse City. 

You will be full after stopping in at all these spots so plan this to be lunch or dinner!

I may recommend a particular bite from time-to-time, but for the most part, get ready to peruse the out-of-this-world's delicious offerings. This fun is so delicious its EXTRA-terrestrial;)

Have fun!

Start at The Coin Slot on East Front Street

* Tip! Click on the underlined business names to go to the websites for addresses and more info! 

Food Stop-> AIKO Street food Food Truck

Go ahead and grab some delicious noodles here.

Photo Op!: On the Front Street Side of the building is a painted set of wings. So, get your wings, and then take a peek around the corner of the building to see the extraterrestrial mural. Be sure to take a picture!

Fun Stuff: Hop on in and play some old school arcade games or enjoy live music on select nights. 

Food Stop-> Grab a small bite of delicious bakery concoctions here. I recommend grabbing a nice blend of coffee to go along with your out-of-this world bites!

Photo Op!: Step outside on the small patio to get a great view of West Grand Traverse Bay!

Fun Stuff: It's time to search for some spacey statues!  From Morsels, if you look across the street, you should see Nolan. Our silver, cigar smoking mascot outside of Nolans Cigar Shop.


As you walk west on Front Street, take a look at the parking garage at the car hoods hanging in the windows. Traverse City has many beautiful pieces of artwork throughout our city. 

However, if you are looking for something more patriotic. Walk west on the Morsels side of Front Street. When you hit a hidden driveway, take a right and see if you can see Liberty herself standing guard over the Boardman River. 

Food Stop-> Hop in and grab yourself you favorite piece of pie! 

Photo Op!: Be sure to tag Haunted Traverse if you do grab a selfie of yourself enjoying the best pies in T.C.! Some of the baked goodies may be a little alien to you as this company sells a wide assortment of items. So try something new and be adventurous!

Fun Stuff: On the corner, across the street you may hear the familiar sounds of a piano. That is because there is one on the east side of the Chase Bank Building. So go ahead and grab a video of yourself tapping those keys. Be sure to look up at the Water Buffalo Mural above your heads.

Food Stop-> Grab the peanut butter cookie with peanut butter cup toppings. Yum! Great place to grab a hot cocoa, tea, water, or cafe too!

Fun Stuff: We have a local authors section here at this treasured bookstore. Peruse the aisles to learn more about the Traverse City area right from the locals that live here! 

Food Stop-> When I grab a movie here, I always grab some popcorn and sliced apples. So affordable too!

Photo Op!: Be sure to tag Haunted Traverse if you do grab a selfie of yourself in front of the beautiful art deco designed marquee in front of the theatre. And yes it's haunted! It also has public restrooms for TC guests.

Fun Stuff: As you keep walking to the west on the sidewalk, you will come across the standing, green Martinek clock. We have to hand wind this clock every few days. Martinek was a jeweler in the late 1800s, who also created a design of a submarine he submitted to the Navy, but with no luck from the Navy using it!

Food Stop-> I love the Chocolate Covered Cherries here! But others really love the salsa. Go on in and give it all a try, the Cherry Republic gives samples before you buy!

Fun Stuff: Above you is the very haunted Whiting Hotel. But in this shop on the ground floor, in the late 1800s this shop would have been part bar and part shoe store!

Food Stop-> You are blazing like a UFO laser on this tour and are halfway done! So.....it's Gourmet Popcorn time! I love the kettle corn, but others like the spacey varieties of seasonings! Pick a bag to try, but  you'll probably walk out with more!

Fun Stuff: Right next door to Popkies is a fun place called Nifty Things. Great place for Michigan themed souvenirs. If you came on our Historical Ghost Lantern Tour, you have a coupon for here too!

Food Stop-> Next stop is Pangeas and it's lunchtime combo deal! Grab a slice of pizza pie and drink and then go up top to sit on their scenic rooftop terrace. You can also, go right next door to the west of the building and enjoy a shady bench spot with a bubbling water fountain.

Photo Op!: Be sure to tag Haunted Traverse if you do grab a selfie of yourself in front of the Welcome to Traverse City colorful mural on the wall of Kilwins Chocolates. 

Fun Stuff: Cross the bridge over the Boardman River  if you are doing this on Wednesday evening or Saturday mornings and you will stumble across the Sarah Hardy Farmers Market. 

Food Stop-> Next stop is Kilwins and their delicious fudge, ice-cream, and chocolate goodies!

Photo Op!: Be sure to tag Haunted Traverse if you do grab a selfie of yourself eating your favorite type of fudge.  You know what we call visitors to the area? Fudgies! Because you all come up here to get our fudge :)

Fun Stuff: Take a look in the window and you might be lucky enough to see how that delicious fudge is made. Don't forget your coupon for this location!

Food Stop-> Next stop is Rocket Fizz. Stay on the northside of Front Street and head west to come across this location. Stop in and choose, but choose wisely. Your stomach must be feeling like the mothership has landed in it! 

Photo Op!: Be sure to tag Haunted Traverse if you do grab a selfie of yourself eating your favorite type of Candy.  

Fun Stuff: Try something new here! You are going to find flavor bites not normally found in candy. For example, you can nosh into a Reese's Corned Beef and Cabbage Big Cups during St. Patrick's Day. 

Food Stop-> Last stop is Petoskey Pretzel Co. You can stop in and grab a soft-baked, fresh pretzel to end this Snack Attack Food Tour with a twist.

Photo Op!: Be sure to tag Haunted Traverse if you do grab a selfie in front of the red brick building with the Martinek Clock in the tower above it. This building was home to the first bank heist in Traverse City!

Fun Stuff: The bank heist of course was a pan of fudge some sticky finger bandit stole away with from the bakery window on the first floor of this building. 

That is how delicious our fudge is here in TC!

Congratulations! You have fended off the aliens trying to snack attack Traverse City! Thank you for saving our community! We hope to see you all again for another adventure in BOOtiful Northern Michigan! ~Des

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