Ghost Farm of Kingsley

Haunted House

What is the minimum age for attending? Cost for Children

$15/ guest. Children cannot be carried through the walk and must be able to walk on their own through it. We leave if this appropriate for your child at your discretion. We do not do graphic horror so if you little one can watch a scary movie, they can handle this walk...usually. Again, we leave this at your discretion. If you are o.k with them sneaking into your room to sleep with you at night...bring the little ones!

What if it rains?

The Ghost Farm will always operate unless there is SEVERE weather. Please contact us at 231.645.1447 to hear if we are open if SEVERE weather is in the area the day of your tour. We literally though have had no rain over the Farm while it pouring in Traverse City so give us a call if in doubt!

Do we need reservations?

Nope. No Reservations needed. Tickets can be purchased at the Farm Gate the night you are planning to come out. Just make sure you arrive between 7pm and 11pm on the nights we are open. **CASH ONLY** at the gate. If purchasing via Credit Card, please book online here-> https://www.ticketor.com/ghostfarm/tickets/ghost-farm-haunted-trail-200758#buy

How long does it take to go through all 3 haunted themed attractions?

How fast do you run? It varies. We shoot for 20 minutes but if you walk fast...well...my monster like shiny, fast moving objects...

Can we smoke on the Ghost Farm property?

No. Please smoke in your car. Thank you for your understanding.

Can we eat or drink on the tour?

We have concessions at the Ghost Farm. NO ALCOHOL is allowed on property. We will ask you to leave-NO REFUNDS if we do...you know better Dear Guests. This is a family oriented event and we have kids in those woods haunting you. So think, how would you want strangers to act around your kids? That is how we expect you to behave around your community's children. Thank you for your understanding!

What is the Ghost Farm?

We do 3 themed haunted attractions in our barn, trail through our woods, and greenhouse. We have actors in all three attractions that are trained to scare you. Yes. We have guests that do not finish. Yes. We have guests that pee their pants...even poop them...So when we say scare intensive...our monsters are trained to scare and not stop until the last car leaves the Ghost Farm!

Is this a good haunt?

Yes! We do this a fundraiser but we train our volunteer monsters to scare. If you come out ready to have fun-you will have fun! We certainly have fun scaring you.... See ya out at the Ghost Farm!