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Ghost Farm of Kingsley
Haunt Actors Information

Ghost Hunting and Walking Ghost Tours in Traverse City

Hello, Ghost Farm Boo Crew!

🎃🌟 Latest Updates!🌟🎃

NEW! Please take our Boo Crew Survey

This survey will be helpful in making positive changes to the Ghost Farm for next year!!

🧙‍♀️ Actors Wrap Party is going to be next June!
Think hayrides, bonfires, s'mores and fun!
Date and Time TBD so watch this space!!

🌙All checks have been mailed! If you have not received yours, please reach out to Des.

🔮Does anyone want to do a Half-o-Ween haunt for a Friday and Saturday in June?
Please email if interested.
🧙‍♀️If anyone knows a Carys K or Samantha Deroha, please have them call/text the Ghost Farm.
🎃🌟 BIG NEWS!🌟🎃

🧙‍♀️ In 2025, the Ghost Farm aims to transition into a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charity. To achieve this, we need community members to come together, build, and operate the haunted trail.

🌙 Currently, the Ghost Farm operates as a DBA under an LLC and faces challenges due to its for-profit structure. We aim to become a nonprofit for various reasons, including fundraising benefits and sustainability.

🔮 Here's the plan: In 2024, if there's enough interest and community involvement, we'll transition to a nonprofit 501(c)(3) starting in 2025. Some Profits generated will fund the 2025 nonprofit's haunted trail.

🍬 We need your help to make this happen! Here are the volunteer positions we're looking to fill in 2024:

👻 Non-Profit Officers: Preparing for the 501(c)(3) transition.

  • President: Leads meetings and represents the organization.

  • Secretary: Maintains records and documents.

  • Treasurer: Manages finances.

🍭 Maintenance Supervisor: Oversees property maintenance and repairs.

🦇 Press Officer/social media: Manages media releases and social media accounts.

🌟 Volunteer Recruiter: Recruits and manages volunteers, works with local schools.

🍭 Safety Officer: Ensures safety protocols and property maintenance.

🦇 Design Committee: Oversees haunt design and adherence to the theme.

🌟 Special Effects Committee: Manages special effects and electronics.

🍭 Front of the House: Operates technology for guest entry, bookings, and more.

🌟 General Helper: Assists with set and prop construction, cleanup, and more.

🧙‍♀️ The Ghost Farm's future depends on community support. If we find dedicated individuals for these roles, we'll establish it as a sustainable nonprofit. Your help can make this 15th year a memorable one!

Thank you for considering joining our community-driven initiative. Your support is crucial for our continued success. 🌟👻🍭


Thank you again and please remember that 2024 (15th year) may be our last year, if we can't find the help for the Ghost Farm to continue!

Ghost Hunting and Walking Ghost Tours in Traverse City
Ghost Hunting and Walking Ghost Tours in Traverse City
🎃🌟 15th Year of Fear🌟🎃
🧙‍♀️ Next year's theme is School Spirit! Think zombie basketball players and cheerleaders. Crazy javelin throws from Track and Field. And a runaway school bus driver ferrying unsuspecting teens to their doom!
🎃🌟 Items Needed🌟🎃
🌙An actual school bus (lent)
🌙School sports jerseys
🌙Old school lockers
🌙Anything school related!
Will buy $...
🌙Dog Fence Panels 
🌙Fence Posts/T-Posts 

🎃🌟 Changes for 2024🌟🎃

🔮Open only the 4 weekends in October for the Haunted Trail with new hours and prices.
October 4,5:
Open 8-10 pm, $15/victim
Dusk Walk 7-8, $10/victim

October 11,12:
Open 8-10 pm, $15/victim
Dusk Walk 7-8, $10/victim

October 18,19:
Open 7:30-10:30 pm, $15/victim​
Dusk Walk 7-7:30, $10/victim

October 25,26:
Open 7:30-10:30 pm, $15/victim​
Dusk Walk 7-7:30, $10/victim

NEW! October 20,27:
School Spirit Trail (No Actors)

Open 7-10:00 pm, $10/victim​

🔮Any participant/parent that wants to walk through the trail complimentary MUST do this during actors' training night or the first weekend we operate.
🔮To be on the paid actor's roster, a minimum of 2 full haunt nights during the season must be haunted by an actor. 
🔮non-paid volunteers are always welcome to haunt but MUST attend an Actors Training Night or Training session. If you have friends that are thinking about haunting, please have them attend one of our trainings.

*these changes are subject to change!
Paid Positions starts at
$30* approximately for the pool actors
(*based on number of guests that come out, the more guests the more you get paid!)

$50 for Character Actors with a *10-night commitment & **successful audition on Actors Training Night. 
*Actors that do not follow through on the 10-night commitment are reverted back to the actors pool pay scale. 
**Actors that do not obtain a character position are welcomed to haunt with the pool and fundraiser actors.
Training Night Duration
120 minutes
Wanted Fundraising Groups
New haunters MUST attend actors training night. Please bring list of all actors fundraising for the group AND who and where to make the check out to.
Meeting  Point
Ghost Farm
5010 Pierce Rd Kingsley MI
Google Maps Link
Fundraising or Paid Actors Positions Available!
Pool Actors, start at least $30/night
Professional Actors $50/night

We are always looking for help to build the haunt!

🎃 Looking for people that can put on metal roofs, fix wooden floors and buildings🧙‍♀️🪄

👻 Artists that can create sets, props, and help paint the selfie spot🌲🦇

🎒 Car to distribute flyers in September 🍬👻

👪 Social Media Guru that can help create posts for the Ghost Farm🧛‍♂️🕷️

🌜👣 Recruiter for volunteers and fundraisers🌌

🌕We welcome the help! ~The Ghost Farm Family

Frequently asked questions

  • Is this tour right for me?
    Whether you're a believer, a skeptic, or someone in still making up their mind, you'll be entertained by our ghost stories, lore, local shenanigans and so many fun paranormal experiences and historical stories! I have had many guests that tell me they didn't believe in ghosts and that their group members really wanted to do the tour more than they did. That is ok! I do not design my tour to prove whether ghosts exist or not. My focus is to tell you the ghost stories and lore experienced by the locals and myself, as well as get you excited about the fascinating history of Traverse City. So, in short, lots of fun history, fun tidbits of fun facts, and of course the spooky hauntings. All presented with a theatrical style by myself and my helper tour guides. We hope to see you on tour and do let me know if there is a particular aspect that you really would love to hear more about when we meet! ~Desirae
  • Do I need to make reservations in advance?
    Yes, reservations are required for all activities. We cap our tour guest numbers to ensure small, quality tours. From time to time, we may exceed a number to accommodate a party add-on, but I do not like to have large tours because a smaller tour, I believe is more fun and gives my guests more time to speak with the tour guide. ~Desirae So yes, please, if at all possible, book a reservation. (We will cancel free of charge with a 24-hour advanced notice). If you do not make a reservation and we are operating a tour, please call to make sure we can accommodate your party size and come with exact cash as your tour guide does not carry change.
  • Do the tours go INSIDE the buildings we visit?
    The walking tours in Traverse City are 100% outside. I would love to take you inside them, but these are busy operating businesses, hotels, and private residences that are all difficult to access the interior. However, once you know which businesses are haunted and the ghost stories and history attached to the sites, you can patron the businesses during your visit to Traverse City. That will get you an idea of what they look like inside. Please be considerate to the businesses you visit, as again, they are busy servicing visitors to the area.
  • Is this tour suitable for children?
    Yes! The tour is geared towards adults, but many people bring their children and tell us that they enjoyed it thoroughly.
  • Tried to call to book a tour but got a voicemail?
    Please leave a message and we will get back to you asap. We are out on a tour or away from the phones. The best way to see availability for tours is by clicking the book button to explore the dates we have available. Please feel free to leave a voicemail and we will call you back when we are available. This number is also text enabled.
  • Bad Weather? Cancellation Policy by guest or Haunted Traverse Tours?
    Yes, the tour runs in all-weather unless it's deemed dangerous. If we cancel the tour, we will notify tour participants one hour prior to the start of the tour via email and/or text messaging. Please make sure you opt in to receive text messages when booking. ***Cancellations by Haunted Traverse Tours will be sent via email or text, 1 hour prior to the start time of the tour. If Haunted Traverses Tours cancels a tour, participants are given the option to reschedule for a future event or cancel their booking. *** Cancellations by guests, please email HauntedTraverse@hotmail.com and let us know in writing that you need to cancel your tour. With more than 24 hours' notice, we will happily refund 100% your tour costs. We do not refund with less than 24 hours' notice but will happily reschedule to another date within one calendar year with tour availability. If it is meant to be, it is meant to be. And we all want to be able to live to vacation another day! :) Am I right!? Safe Travels and stay adventurous! ~Desirae
  • Do children need to be accompanied by an adult?
    Yes, all participants ages 5 - 13 must be chaperoned by someone age 18 or older. Proof of age may be required. Children under the age 5 must be accompanied by an adult too!
  • Can I buy tickets over the phone, in person, or with cash?
    If you need to pay with cash or card in person, please call 231.645.1447 to book your reservation. Online reservations must be made by no later than one hour prior to the start time for that tour. Please call if booking within one hour of the tour starting. 231.645.1447.
  • Do we have minimums to operate a tour?
    Please leave a message and we are out on a tour or away from the phones. The best way to see availability for tours is by clicking the book button to explore the dates we have available. Please feel free to leave a voicemail and we will call you back when we are available. This number is also text enabled.
  • Can we bring cameras or video equipment?
    But, of course! Some of the best ghost photos have been taken by unwitting photographers intending to shoot other subjects. Ghostly apparitions tend to show up in photos, even when you didn’t see anything while snapping the picture. The only thing we ask is that you share the picture with us if you do get paranormally lucky!
  • If I am running late for the tour, will you wait for me?
    We always start the tour on time. If you are running late, please let us know by calling 231-645-1447. If we do leave without you, find us! On that note, please give yourself plenty of time to find parking and get to the tour meeting point 10 minutes prior to the start of the tour to check-in! If you're having dinner at one of our local restaurants, be sure to tell them what time you need to leave by so you, and they, can plan accordingly.
  • Do we go inside buildings during the tour?
    No, the Walking Ghost Tours' stories, local lore, and legends are told outside each location.
  • Is tipping acceptable?
    Tipping is always acceptable, but not required - it is totally at your discretion. Our guides do their absolutely best to entertain you and all of our guests. Many of our guests appreciate good service and choose to reward it. Ghost Guides are always grateful for your generosity! Now-a-days we know we are a cashless society so here is our helpful Venmo information: @SendDesiraeMoney :) Thank you! We will make sure your gratuity gets to your tour guide! Please leave a review for your guide too! They love to read them.
  • Can I setup a private tour?
    Yes, private tours are available. Most groups, however, decide to attend the public tour for two reasons. First, it is less expensive. Second, part of the fun of the tours is interacting with all the other participants. If you are interested in more information on private tours, contact us.
  • Can I video the tour guide while she is presenting the tour?
    Well...do you want a good tour or a tour where your guide is self-conscious? I ask that pictures are taken only of the buildings or the guide, but please do not video your tour guide. You will have more fun with the camera tucked away anyway! I founded the tour because of my interest in the paranormal and history of Traverse City. I never aspired to be on TV! I am actually a quiet person and a little on the shy side. When you come on a tour with me, my enthusiasm for my tour topics takes over and I become pretty talkative! Go figure! Plus, I love meeting new people and hearing of their adventures too! If you do take a picture, will you please send the picture to me too? I love to scrapbook on social media my summer as a tour guide, but never get the chance to take pictures of me doing the tours. I can't wait to hear what kind of adventures you are living! I hope to see you soon. ~Desirae
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