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Top 5 Ghost Tours in Michigan

Updated: Apr 20

Here ghosty....ghosty...ghosty! Looking for a good ghost story in the area you are visiting? Look no further! Here are my top 5 ghost tours to hop on in Michigan for a spooky good time.

5. Haunts of Mackinac

I remember the early days of this tour. I packed up my family and headed up to the Straights of Michigan for the one-off, candle-guided ghost tour on Mackinac Island. It was early on in its day and now it has become a 90-minute walking tour on the island. Here is the Haunts of Mackinac website.

4. The Whitney in Detroit

The Mansion is reported to be haunted by lumber baron David Whitney Jr, the wealthiest man in Detroit at the time. His wife Flora is known to make her appearance from time to time as well.

I am adding this stop on my Midwest Ghost Trip so you know that I fully back a visit for dinner and a tour at the Whitney in Detroit!

3. Tours Around Michigan's Ghost Tour

I have yet to make it down to this tour, but I have met the organizer and if her tours are half as much fun as she is, guests of Tours Around Michigan will be having a fun time for sure! Grand Rapids is one of the more popular cities to visit in Michigan and was just voted the 1 must-visit location in the state. Plus Grand Rapids is also leading the way as one of the best places to live in Michigan. But does this mean that it will top the list of best places to haunt as well? Take this tour and then please let me know in the comments, how haunted is Grand Rapids!? Here is the website.

2. Eloise Asylum

I am including a paranormal tour of the haunted Eloise Asylum. However, this leans more toward paranormal investigation led by an investigator. So not your typical ghost story-led tour. This location does provide history tours as well. One of the original asylums that were constructed in Michigan. With so many tragic deaths and circumstances the living were consumed with at this site, it is a must-see for any paranormal enthusiast! Click here to visit the Elosie Asylum website.

1. Haunted Traverse

Shameless plug. I know! But I believe in Traverse City's ghosts 100%. The hauntings unfolding in the area are bringing it to the lore of Michigan. If you want to find out why a girl is haunting a local breakfast hotspot with this spirited apparition's cold spots, do come out for the Historical Ghost Lantern Tour in Traverse City, Michigan.

So, what do you think? Do you have a favorite tour in Michigan? Leave a comment and this ghost lover will hop on your recommendations. I am always looking for a spooky good time! ~Desirae

Need a place to stay in Traverse City!? Here you go! I would look for a hotel right on Grand Traverse Bay for the best views of the water. We do have 3 nice hotels within walking distance of downtown Traverse City including the Delamar (right on the bay), Hotel Indigo (with some bay views), and Park Place Hotel (the higher rooms may have some impeded views of the bay).

Thank you for visiting Traverse City! I have included a widget to help with your planning. I do receive an affiliate commission if you do use this link at no cost to you. What do I do with the funds? I fund my paranormal travels that I blog about right here at! Thank you again and happy travels!

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