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Where to Stay Near Downtown Traverse City. Top 5 Hotels

The epicenter of shops, things-to-do, and history of the region all center around downtown Traverse City Michigan. When visiting Traverse City, this article is helpful in helping guests stay right in the epicenter of where all the fun is unfolding. Welcome to Traverse City! Thank you for visiting, now let's find you a fun, beautiful hotel to stay in.

Here are 5 Traverse City Hotels, near Downtown Traverse City.

5 Hotels Near Downtown Traverse City, Michigan Close to restaurants, bars, and TC Nightlife.
Where to stay near downtown Traverse City Michigan

Need to Know Where to Stay Near Downtown Traverse City? Try A fascinating historic hotel in the heart of Downtown Traverse City

This hotel has been patronized by famous guests such as Henry Ford and Harvey Firestone. In 1930, the 10-story tower was completed as the tallest building in Traverse City. On top of the tower, is a 25,000-watt beacon that serves as an operating lighthouse. In the beginning history of the Cherry Capital Airport, this beacon served as a light to assist planes when landing. Now, it serves the West Grand Traverse Bay Harbor on foggy and dark nights.

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Wellington Inn

1904 Neo-Classical Manion in the heart of Traverse City

The Wellington Inn was initially built by a lumber baron in the Traverse City area and now is one of the most visually stunning mansions turned hotels in the region.

This mansion will have rooms to explore during their stay as well as a full, appetizing breakfast sure to get its guests off to a good start. Snacks and other homely qualities such as curling up in the library to enjoy a fun book make this more a home away from home than a hotel stay.

Near Downtown Traverse City with West Grand Traverse Bay Views

This hotel will have views of the blue waters of West Grand Traverse Bay and is within walking distance of breweries, restaurants, and nightlife entertainment. A full bar and restaurant are located on-site as well. Right across the street, is a great public beach to enjoy a sunny Traverse City day in the sand and waves.

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Slightly farther walk to Downtown Traverse City but on the waters of the West Grand Traverse Bay

A further walk to get into the heart of downtown Traverse City, the Hotel Delamar has a great position for views of West Grand Traverse Bay. This hotel has been recently renovated as well, providing its guests with a full-service resort with fine dining, and boat and cruise excursions.

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Victorian Style Resort but may require a car to get to downtown Traverse City

The Bayshore Resort is right on Grandview Parkway with easy access for a short drive to downtown Traverse City. It also is nestled on the shores of West Grand Traverse Bay. This resort offers a variety of services from spa rooms and suites, to continental breakfasts and an indoor pool and whirlpool. Adventurous guests can take a walk to downtown Traverse City just give yourself about 30 minutes for a nice stroll. Be prepared as you will have to walk next to the busy Grandview Parkway for a bit until you get into the quieter Front Street.

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Summary of Hotels Near Downtown Traverse City

Any of these choices is a good pick for deciding on a hotel to stay in near downtown Traverse City. If you are looking for the closest, that would be the Park Place Hotel. The most charming and homey feeling would be the Wellington Hotel. The Indigo has a modern charm with a view of the Bay with some nearby restaurants and bars in the area. The Bayshore Resort and Delamar are a little farther afield but also right on West Grand Traverse Bay.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope to see you out on one of my tours during your visit. Safe Travels!


Desirae is a Traverse City Local with a love for all things history, cherries, and paranormal. You can see her walking the streets of downtown Traverse City guiding her guests on the Historical Ghost Lantern Tour.

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