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Why Does a Haunting Happen!?

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Ghost Stories Begin With A Fascinating History

When you don’t know where to start…start at the beginning. Many will encounter some sort of paranormal experience in their lives. These encounters may seem so fleeting or random that one may question what they even experience. Hey! I get it. But don’t be too quick to just walk away from it because the moment to capture it in some sort of digital form has passed. Often, in my research and experiences, I have found that spirits do have a meaning as to why they present to us and we should trust that instinct that we have experienced something more in our world than we commonly accept. With no evidence, sometimes it is possible to still find a way to substantiate what is experienced. I have found that I do this rather instinctively when telling ghost stories on my tours. To do so, you connect the history of the location to why it is haunted now. For example, on the Historical Ghost Lantern Tour in Downtown Traverse City, I speak about a tragic fire where two souls are lost. But in only exploring who these 2 souls are does the haunting of the location start to make sense. There are a few theories as to why some spirits remain behind to interact with this world.

  1. A tragic passing that occurs quickly or tragically can lead to an attachment to that location by the spirit.

  2. A person can become so attached to a person, place, or thing so much in their life, they come back attached to that person, place, or thing in their next life.

  3. Unfinished business. Tricky to discover in research so very rarely spoken of by investigators. Maybe there was a gift that the passed wanted to give to their loved one. Maybe there was a journey that was intended to be taken in their life not completed. These seem to be intrinsic and unique for each person and that person may be the only one to ever know, what should have been done in this lifetime.

  4. This last one is difficult to type out, but sometimes a soul just gets lost and can’t find their way to whatever is “beyond” what we know of this world.

So, before you let experiences and interactions of the paranormal slip by you without exploring the experience further, reach out to a local historian and find out the location of the site where the experience occurred. You might be shocked to find the answer for a haunting is in the past. Questions? Happy to help answer any that you may have. ~Desirae *Desirae is a paranormal researcher and historian that lives in the Traverse City area. When not leading history, cemetery, and ghost tours she is busy being a super auntie to 4 beautiful puppies, hiking long trails like the 2,194-mile Appalachian Trail, or taking a 500-mile pilgrimage across Spain. Her next adventure is to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro and start facilitating multi-day international adventure tours for like-minded adventurous folks that like history, ghost hunting, hiking, and culture excursions!


Hello! My name is Desirae and I am the great grand daughter of a Kentucky witch. My great grandmother Adelaide was born in Kentucky and was imbued with particular gifts. One of Adelaide's legacy to her descendants was the sensitivity... Desirae Full Bio

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