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Favorite Moments Hosting a Ghost Tour

Updated: Apr 20

As a ghost tour guide, I started this journey under the impression that every ghostly tale would fall directly onto my shoulders to uphold night after night. I have found this not to be the case. One of the unexpected joys of being a host to guests on this unique and fun tour is that often I have guests that share their own spooky ghost stories.

It started out so organically that I soon found myself enjoying my guests’ stories. After a few weeks this past summer, I started recounting the best one I had heard from the previous tour and then my group would vote on if the story of that night or the previous reigning champion would be the story I would tell my next tour out.

The ghost story of a single mom of three sons moving into a haunted farmhouse and only lasting three nights there has been voted the best story of the night since this past July. Secretly, I hope nightly that one of my guests will produce a contender that can knock out the reigning champion while also in awe of how long it has reigned supreme.

Will tomorrow be the day that a guest’s ghost story is able to defeat the reigning ghost story? The anticipation is as exciting as the ghost stories told nightly. So we shall see…

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