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Exploring the World One Paranormal Experience at a Time with a Ghost Tour Guide!

Updated: May 20

Welcome to my Blog, Haunted Traverse! Where we traverse the unknown and find opportunities for curious, inquisitive travelers to explore the paranormal world.

Hello again! My name is Desirae but friends and family call me Dez. I explore the paranormal and this is why. I have had ghostly experiences and paranormal encounters that range from my great-grandmother standing over my bed to my great-grandfather standing watch while I did the dishes in what was once his home. I have watched in awe as a UFO (UAP) floated feet over a forest and have witnessed what I believe to be a Mothman on the side of a country road. And now as an avid paranormal enthusiast who unfolds ghost investigations wherever I travel, my encounters with the paranormal have increased throughout the years.

All of these encounters have led my inquisitive self to explore the unknown. An avid travel enthusiast, I create tours for those who enjoy exploring the world beyond your typical vacations. I also own a tour company that curates ghost tours and experiences in my hometown, Traverse City, Michigan.

Ghost Tour in Traverse City with tour guide hosting two ghost tour guests at night in Traverse City, Michigan
Dez with 2 guests on the Historical Ghost Lantern Tour

When not in a Library or researching a paranormal subject, you can find me hosting ghost tours in my hometown, Traverse City, Michigan.

As an avid researcher, I spend hours looking over dusty diaries and logs of past events which help expand my understanding of reported haunted locations. Combining this aptitude for research and love for travel, the Haunted Traverse Blog will be a combination of tips for paranormal travel as well as posts that touch on subjects ranging from hauntings to cryptid sightings and more! So get ready for a fun adventure and let's begin! ~Dez 

The Paranormal Traveler

I have traveled to many haunted locations throughout the world. And every year, my travels expand my understanding of life beyond keyboards and 40-hour work weeks.

This blog will cover stories about haunted locations with my hope this inspires my readers to discover more about their world than our limited view of only 1% of a defined universe.

Paranormal Travel Posts and Guides, curated by this seasoned paranormal enthusiast, traveler and tour company owner will help my readers plan their vacations to easily include the strange and unusual- places that entice those curious about the paranormal to visit.

The Metaphysical, Wiccans, and Shamans of the World

Spiritualism and theology are just two more ways that the human race has tried to explain the paranormal happenings that unfold around us.

This blog will explore all the ways that our human species tries to connect with what I refer to as the supernatural, the beyond, or the mystical world.

With this, I hungrily absorb studies on ghostly sightings, near-death experiences, and more! If you are looking to find out how all of this connects, so am I! Let's explore these topics together.

Thank you for reading and let the paranormal adventures begin!

If you are at all curious about what is truly out there in the world or need help planning your vacation to include paranormal locations, this blog is the one to like, follow, and include with your social media accounts.

Leave a comment about your first experience that led you to believe there was more to this world. I would love to hear how your journey began. I will continue to expand on my encounters in my Blog as well.

Want to come along on a Ghost Trip, Ghost Tour, or Ghost Hunting Experience? Be sure to sign-up for the Haunted Traverse Newsletter or book your tour today! Here are some helpful links to other pages on my website to get started

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