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Explore Haunted London England on Spooky Ghost Tours

Welcome, brave souls, to the eerie streets of London, where history and hauntings intertwine to create an atmosphere ripe for ghostly encounters. Join me, Dez on a spine-tingling journey as we venture into the heart of the city's most haunted locations, guided by the flickering light of lanterns and the whispers of restless spirits. From ancient castles to shadowy alleyways, London is a treasure trove of paranormal activity waiting to be unearthed.

Ghost Tours in London England
I am on the prowl for a London Ghost but felt something lurking!

My spooky journey of ghost tours in London England was full of folklore, ghost stories, and walking in the shadows of the deep, rich history of this Capital. I enjoyed encounters with so many fun and engaging tour guides that were talented storytellers creating an entertaining atmosphere full of ghostly lore that included Jack the Ripper, William Shakespeare, Anne Boleyn, St. James Palace, the Tower of London, and more. All told in the shadows of London's fog filled nights in the city's alleys and historical centers.

Ready to learn more about the ghost tours of London and choose your next adventure through the lens of a Ghost Tour owner herself? Let's begin!

London: Ghost Tour on a Bus

Ride on a Ghost Bus in the Heart of London on a Ghost Tour
London Ghost Bus Ghost Tour

My first stop in London, after visiting 221B Baker street, was to hop on the Ghost Bus. This tour was on one of the famous double decker buses. This brave soul chose the upper deck and was looking over her shoulder the entire time to see what ghostly specter was hitchhiking a ride next to her.

The ride was everything I could hope for and more! And this ghost tour participant highly recommends this tour if only for the hijinks and shenanigans our driver and guide got up to. It was also a fast paced and exciting adventure filled with theatrics, jokes, chilling ghost stories and more!

What I loved the most was the ambience of the bus itself. The old fashioned mode of transportation with a variety of seating arrangements for groups large and small. The dim lighting that never quite chased the shadows away from within the bus.

One had only to sit back and watch London pass by, ferried by the competent local driver below, while enjoying the onboard entertainment via the television monitors (which play out some of the better theatrics found in the night) as well as a tour guide that never stood still a moment while the tour unfolded in the foggy, London night and from within the shadowed bus' confines.

As a tour owner myself, I was envious of the presentation, the energy of my tour guide, and the ambience of the double decker bus. I would highly recommend this tour company's Ghost Bus Tour.

Quick Summary

  • The entertainment is theatrical in nature and the focus is toward a moving theater on wheels. If true local ghost stories toward history and in depth paranormal discovery is more to taste, this may not be the tour for you.

  • I would say this is family friendly, but the bus lighting is dim, periods of complete darkness, and the theatrical elements may leave younger children a bit on the scared side from this tour. For adults, sit back and get ready for some laughs and just a genial spooky good time.

  • Overall, my experience of taking this tour left me wanting more. Which recommends itself to a fun time had by myself. Enjoy the Ghost Bus while in London, Edinburgh, or York.

Ghost, Ghouls and Gallows Walking Tour with Boat Ride on the Thames

Walking Ghost Tour in London England
My Walking Ghost Tour near Buckingham Palace, St. James Palace, and The Tower of London

My next stop in London was on the Ghost, Ghouls and Gallows Walking tour with an adventurous boat ride on the Thames as well. Get ready for incredible night photography shots of Tower Bridge, Tower of London, and St. James Palace.

My tour guide was a doctoral student of history studying in London and was very well informed on the history of this Capital of England. I am an avid historian and even I was amazed at the new history I learned on this ghost tour. Plus, given my curious nature, I explored further the history and lore presented during this tour well after the tour had concluded.

The ghost stories ranged from the haunting of St. James Palace and its royal members that resided there to Anne Boleyn's ghost walking to the gallows at the Tower of London.

The tour guide captures a group picture of everyone on the tour at St. James Palace. I was feeling shy and self conscious about my lack of make-up and did not participate and the tour guide was very gracious about it. I felt this was a good sign on how accommodating the tour is for guests that have different needs and may just want to lurk in the shadows of the ghost tour.

Ghost Tour London England
Who was hung at the gallows at the Tower of London?

What I loved the most was the easy pace through some of the Buckingham Palace gardens leading us right up to the dock where the guide handled everything needed for tour guests to board. The trip along the Thames at night was not to be missed and I was in awe of the chance to take a selfie at the famous Tower Bridge (which is often mistaken for London Bridge). The tour guide was spot on when suggesting the perfect location just after exiting the boat for the perfect selfie. So extra bonus on the guide trying to help guests get those great Instagram worthy shots for lasting memories.

As a tour owner myself, I was envious of the rich historical sites visited but not entered, the energy of my tour guide was laid back but engaging, and the ambience of the tour was not rushed, comforting, with rich storytelling that unfolded at an enjoyable pace.

Boat Ride and Ghost Tour in London England
My view from the boat on the Thames River

Quick Summary

  • The entertainment is geared toward true local ghost stories with depth of ghostly lore explored with the vivid history of the London sites visited expanding the tales with depth and intrigue.

  • I would say this is family friendly, but the walk is a bit on the long side for the younger persons in the family. The meeting point also differs on where the tour ends just outside the Tower of London, but fear not, the Underground is located just across the street within a few short minutes from the Tower of London.

Overall, my experience of taking this tour left me wanting more of it. I enjoyed the tour and am thankful I was able to attend. I do wish that entrance to the Tower of London had capped this tour. But I also understand that including an interior tour of the Tower of London late at night is not feasible.

For this, I will be including a Tower of London Tour that I would advise that guests on the walking ghost tours of London take. That way there is a trifecta of experiences that best accumulate a depth of visit to these sites. The ride on the Thames, the view of the Tower of London at night, and then the next day, the exploration of the Tower of London internally.

Have fun! I know you will if you combine these two tours in London. As an extra bonus and to save funds, consider the duel Jack the Ripper and Tower of London tours I included below.

Jack the Ripper Walking Tour in London

Tour London learning about Jack the Ripper
Jack The Ripper Walking Tours

This tour has come highly recommended by my own guests on my own ghost tours in Traverse City Michigan. For that alone, I have included this macabre tour that explores the grisly murders of London's most notorious serial killer.

The tour guides are clever, thoughtful historians that engaged their guests to ponder the mystery behind Jack the Ripper legacy of death and mayhem in the dark streets of Victorian London.

As the tour unfolds, the sites where the murders take place are explored and the details and theories recollected by the guides to draw their guests back into time when "murder" was screamed from darken alleys and the panicked, hush of London's citizens fell under the grip of fear at the hands of a killer.

The stories here are centered around Jack the Ripper and his victims. Which understandably has guests gathered around the tour guide hanging on the tour guides every word. The tension from time-to-time is broken by some well timed and tasteful humor which keeps the guests on this emotional roller coaster of an experience.

The tour is 2 hours in length that balances suspense, humor, and the grisly facts of the murders leading its guests to want more when the tour concludes.

As a tour owner myself, the materials from the historical unfolding's of these crimes is a rich platform to create a tour that is engaging and worth the time to explore with the right guides of course.

Jack the Ripper Tour in London has been a stand by for many decades when it comes to a walking tour that best represents London. This is a must not miss tour when visiting. Be warned, this tour is very popular so the moment you make up your mind to visit London, book this tour. Good luck and may Jack the Ripper's spirit pass you by!

Jack the Ripper Walking Tour in London England
Jack the Ripper Tour is very popular to visitors!

Quick Summary

  • The entertainment is geared toward the macabre due to the nature of a serial killer and its victims and may not be suitable for all. Ages limits are in effect for this tour.

  • I would say this tour is a must not miss when visiting London. Please book the moment you find your plans set in motion to visit London.

  • Overall, this tour ticks off all of the checklist for a person seeking mystery, macabre, rich history, and some humor to keep you on your toes. Good luck traveling back into the Victorian Times of murder, mayhem and mystery that is Jack the Ripper.

Overall, my experience of just how difficult booking the popular Jack the Ripper Tour was, I have created a listing of several other tour companies that provide tours on the subject.

If mysteries are truly your hobby, the Jack the Ripper and Sherlock Holmes tour may be just up your dark alley of London. Have fun!

My visit to London England was full of mystery, murder, and ghostly lore and that was just on my tours! I enjoyed my many explorations of this city before heading off to Edinburgh Scotland for more ghostly tales!

Be sure to follow my helpful tips when booking! Some of these tours are very popular and sell out, some need an additional daytime experience to round out the ghostly tales with the history, but all were enjoyable to take part in during my visit to haunted London England. Enjoy your visit and here are some FAQ and helpful tips below.


Tour Guide and Owner of Haunted Traverse Tours

Traverse City Michigan


Ghost Tour in London England
Winston Churchill Haunts London!

What is the best ghost tour in London?

For theatrical entertainment I recommend the Ghost Bus Tour.

For Murder Mystery, the Jack the Ripper. (Most tours have an age limit so expect the gruesome)

For your traditional history that provides depth to the haunting tales unfolding in London, plus the added boat ride, I recommend the Ghost, Ghouls, and Gallows walking tour.

How long are the London Ghost tours?

Expect the tours to run about 2 hours in length.

What is the cost of the London Ghost tours?

Depending on the tour, 25-35 London Pounds.

What is the best time to take a London Ghost tour?

Definitely evening for the London locations. London lit up at night is beautiful and the views are an added bonus. The real theatrical player that leads to a spooky good time is the chilling London Fog that creeps from the River Thames' banks at night. Good luck!

Ghost Tour in London England
Is there a royal haunting St. James Palace?

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