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A Beginner Ghost Hunters Top 5 Pieces of Ghost Hunting Equipment to Buy

Updated: Jun 3

You want to ghost hunt. Maybe you had an experience that you can't explain. Maybe you saw some of the fun on TV. Maybe you are looking for some excitement or, the exact opposite, quiet. All good reasons to explore the paranormal.

But what kind of equipment should you buy that doesn't break the bank? Great question! Read on for some helpful tips on buying your first five pieces of equipment. Plus a bonus at the end!

Here are my favorites for ghost hunters just starting to buy ghost-hunting equipment. Enjoy and happy shopping! ~Dez

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Ghost Hunters Need To Buy Great Equipment

Some of the links provided are affiliate links. These links when clicked, provide no extra cost to my readers but help me so much. I will never recommend a product that I do not love ~Happy Shopping, Dez


Here are my Top 5 Pieces of Ghost Hunting Equipment I Use

I have been ghost-hunting for more than a few decades. Here are my choices for 5 pieces of equipment I would start out with to unfold a broad paranormal investigation.

Read on if you want to save yourself time, money, and heartache for equipment by following my recommendations for the right kind of paranormal investigation equipment when starting ghost hunting.

Below are my top 3 favorite EMF Readers

I chose these three based on price, ease of purchase, and function.

EMF Readers

EMF Readers detect fields of electromagnetic energy and we associate this field of energy with paranormal anomalies. Every ghost hunter uses an EMF reader to hunt the ghosts. We start by learning about the environment around us.

Helpful Tip: Turn off the electricity and keep your cell phones away from this device when ghost hunting.

Not all EMF Readers have the same sensitivity and performance. Here are three picks that I use based on the price range.

Most Affordable EMF Reader

Handheld Black EMF Reader[aff]. This reader will read from 50 Hz to 20,000 Hz. This is the standard reader that I provide my guests on my ghost tours. I like it because it is easy to interpret the size and reading of the EMF field. As the color changes from left to right, this indicates a higher EMF field detected.

Best overall EMF Reader- Mid Price

This is a nice-mid market 'ol, reliable reader. The digital screen makes for easy reading of very precise measurements in the dark. A nice alert that goes off when it exceeds a value makes this a great device to leave and walk away from as well.

Best Sensitivity for An EMF Reader

The perfect range and sensitivity for that serious ghost hunter who may lean toward the more scientific examinations of the environment and determining if an event is truly paranormal. This ghost-hunting device can detect three different types of EMF including magnetic, electric, and radio/microwave fields.

Below are my top 3 favorite Diving Rods/Pendulums

Divining Rods

This easy-to-use equipment is perfect for an intuitive ghost investigation. Ask simple yes and no questions and let the rods cross or uncross to indicate the answer. Also, perfect to guide investigators to areas where paranormal activity might be more profound.

Pro Tip: Make sure you keep your hands steady. I brace my arms on my knees. Keep your grasp light and do not have anything touching the rods.

Most Affordable Divining Rods

These will get the job done without breaking the bank. Simple in design and comes with a nice bag for transport.

Best Combination of Pendulum and Divining Rods

These rods go one step beyond just ghost hunting and include some metaphysical elements. Perfect for the spiritual ghost hunter.

Best Divination Mat Design

I love this mat because of the expansive answers the pendulum can point to. Great size and easy to transport to investigation sites.

Below are my top 3 favorite Thermal Imagers

Thermal Imaging Cameras

This easy-to-use equipment is perfect for seeing the thermal temperatures collected with this device. Ghost Hunters are looking for masses of air that take on a human form. The more sensitive the thermal imaging camera, the better the imagery on the screen presents. This is one item, where going higher in price is a better idea.

Pro-tip: Bring along an extra temperature gun [aff] to have the same reading taken from two different devices.

Most Affordable Thermal Imager

Thermal Imagers are pricey but worth it for a more extensive paranormal investigation. This is the one I started out with but the screen does not have the pixel depth to have a focused image present.

Best Screen for a Thermal Imager

This display is 10,000 pixels so reads well in translating temperature into something you can see a mass of on the screen.

Best Accuracy for Temperature and Image

All the bells and whistles and the best screen of any thermal imager I have found online. I love how compact it is and its range in temperature is over 300 degrees. Easy to upload images as well.

Below are my top 3 favorite Lasers

Most Affordable Green Laser

I love the USB rechargeable battery. This small but effective laser is easily portable and lights up a big piece of land I ghost hunt regularly.

Most Affordable Red Laser

I love the USB rechargeable battery. This small but effective laser is easily portable and lights up a big piece of land I ghost hunt regularly. Sometimes, based on the environment, a red laser works better. You are looking to make sure there is enough contrast between the laser color and the environment.

Best Distance Laser

I love the USB rechargeable battery. This small but effective laser is easily portable and lights up a big piece of land I ghost hunt regularly.

Below are my top 3 favorite Cameras

Most Affordable Camera with Night Vision

This pocket-size camera is my go-to when exploring remote haunted locations. If you are looking for better battery life and imaging on screen, move up in price brackets.


Best Camera Set-up

I like this because it does have a backup battery extends the time you can ghost hunt. Plus, the option to buy an additional infrared light to attach to the camera.

Top Camera Pick

Camera with Infrared and Microphone [aff]. I like the setup of this camera. All you are looking for with a microphone, infrared attachment, and backup battery.

Bonus Graphic Tees

I love a sense of humor while ghost hunting and a ghost hunter should always embrace the fun! Plus, maybe a spirit observing will be more likely to interact with you!


These were the first 5 pieces of ghost-hunting equipment I purchased when I started ghost-hunting professionally. I hope my suggestions get you off to a great start on your paranormal journey! ~Dez

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