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What is Ghost Hunting and Ghost Hunting Evidence?

Updated: May 20

You have gathered your ghost-hunting crew. You purchased your equipment. And you have read what you need to know before ghost hunting. Now what? Well...we hunt!

In a matter of speaking, we hunt. What we do is investigate. The person investigating is called many things from ghost hunter to paranormal enthusiast, to parapsychologist.

What a parapsychologist or ghost hunter is looking for is evidence in the form of paranormal activity. We call this paranormal investigating or ghost hunting.

Ghost Hunters in a cemetery unfolding an investigation
How to identify paranormal phenomena when ghost hunting

What is Paranormal Investigating or Ghost Hunting?

Paranormal investigations and ghost hunting are usually in popular culture used interchangeably, but they refer to two different actions.

Ghost Hunting is where paranormal researchers are looking to see if any type of paranormal or ghostly phenomenon occurs at a potential site. There is no actual evidence that has been recorded or experienced here, but they are essentially casting a wide net to see if anything sticks.

Ghost Investigations are at sites with past activity that has been experienced or recorded. Investigators going into this site already know of these past paranormal happenings and are looking to extend the field of evidence that is captured at this site.

But for those just starting out or just out here for the fun of it all, we just say ghost hunting and paranormal investigations are the same activity.

What is Ghost Hunting Evidence?

So now that we know what to call what we are about to do, what are we looking to observe during a ghost hunt? I classify paranormal evidence into 4 categories: Visual Paranormal Phenomenon, Audio Paranormal Phenomenon, Physical Paranormal Phenomenon, and Psychic Phenomenon.

The following is a quick summary of what ghost investigators are looking to observe. I will expand in later posts more on each of the following paranormal phenomenon categories, but for now, this will get you a good, basic understanding of what you are looking for.

metaphysical  picture of skulls in a circle of light
Understanding the Visual Spectrum is key to ghost investigations

Visual Paranormal Phenomenon

Visual Paranormal Phenomenon is just what it sounds like. The manifestation of a spirit, entity, or being that is making itself known on the light spectrum.

The light spectrum, officially called the electromagnetic spectrum, cannot be observed in its entirety by the human species. This spectrum encompasses all types of electromagnetic radiation (this includes the light we see as humans). The spectrum range is classified by the wavelength/frequencies of this radiation or light.

The portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that is visible to the human eye is specifically referred to as the visible spectrum. For the human species, this spans from around 380 to 740 nanometers. This means that humans can see colors from violet at the lower end of the visible spectrum to red at the higher end.

Have you ever wondered why your dog is reacting to something you cannot see in your home? Dogs observe very closely to what humans can see on the spectrum, but with some additional capabilities including color perception, light sensitivity, and wavelength range. They can see wavelengths ranging from 429-555 nanometers. Their sense of smell far exceeds a human's capability as well. This just shows that dogs literally see and smell the world differently than humans. And for this reason, may sense paranormal activity easier than humans.

A dark form standing in a cemetery with a orb hovering above
Orbs, Shadow Figures, and Paranormal Plasma are all signs of spirit

Now that we know the physics behind light and how humans see the world. What shape does this light take for paranormal activity? Here are some following phenomena to look for during your investigation:


Orbs are balls of light. We see them with our own eyes as well as capture them on video mediums like night vision and regular cameras.

These orbs can present in a variety of different colors and sizes to investigators. I will expand on what all that means in a different post. For now, just know that some orbs may be dust or lens flares and when in doubt make sure you take a lot of videos or pictures so you can identify something that may have an explanation.

Paranormal Plasma

Paranormal plasma takes the shape of what I would describe as smoke or a strange mist-like film observed again either with your naked eye or on a video medium.

Full Body Apparition

A full-body apparition is self-explanatory. The spirit takes on the form of a human being or celestial being. Usually, we see spirits take on a version of their former physical self when they exist on this plane of existence.

Shadow Figures

Shadow Figures are a strange and must-debated paranormal happening. These forms are black in the purest sense. It is as if every wavelength of light is being absorbed and none transmitted. There are many theories about this that I will expand on in future posts, but for now just know that take the form of a human being, but may not represent one from a past life.

Audio Paranormal Phenomenon

The spectrum for audio is scientifically called the audible spectrum or hearing spectrum. For humans, the frequency range is 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz. The best sensitivity is 2,000 Hz to 5,000 Hz which corresponds to what we can hear when we are speaking to each other.

In comparison, a dog is more sensitive to higher frequencies and their hearing range is 40 Hz to 60,000 Hz. They are more sensitive to the higher frequencies such as whistles human beings cannot hear.

These high pitch sounds are often what a dog's prey may emit so it makes sense, but it also makes sense that they may be able to perceive the paranormal activity easier than humans because their audible range spans wider than humans on the spectrum.

Electronic Voice Phenomenon

Electronic Voice Phenomenon is also known in the ghost-hunting world as an EVP. These EVPs are captured on any device that can record audio frequencies for example camera phones, audio recorders, and video cameras with microphones. Essentially, EVPs are the sound of spirit captured on recording devices or cameras with audio capabilities.

Audible Sounds

Not all communications are transmitted through devices such as recorders and cameras. Sometimes, with our own two ears, we can hear the spirit speaking to us. When this happens, recording it as it occurs is just another layer in gathering paranormal evidence that backs up what the investigator heard. If you can hear it with your auditory senses, i.e. your ears (not medium senses, read on for more on that below) then the recorder will pick that up as well.

Best Device to Use for Audio and Visual Phenomenon

Cameras can exceed the capabilities of audio and visual spectrum detection by being able to go into infrared and ultraviolet lights as well as capture sounds in the ultrasonic and subsonic frequencies. Now that you know they can hear and see more than a human being can, it makes sense that this device is one of the more popular ghost-hunting tools used when ghost hunting.

What I love most about using a camera during my investigations is that sometimes you can record paranormal activity when you are not around. It's an extra investigator! When staying at haunted locations, I will even set up a camera to see if I can capture some of the physical paranormal phenomena I describe in this post.

Physical Paranormal Phenomenon

The physical paranormal phenomenon takes on the form of friction and movement in the environment or operates under a variety of theoretical physics theories. Essentially, it is what can we observe and measure in our environment concerning the laws of physics and nature.


There is nothing more disconcerting than being touched by something that you can not push away or fend off. Touch is where an investigator feels activity on the investigator's person.

These may take the form of pressure, a brush of force, scratches, pushing, etc. Investigators will look to see first if the physical environment caused this interaction. If none can be determined, we attribute this to paranormal activity.

Cold Spots & Temperature Anomalies

Cold and Warm Spots in an environment are usually just thermodynamics at play. Thermodynamics is a branch of physics that deals with the relationships between heat, work, temperature, and energy. As a paranormal investigator, we operate under the premise that spirits are a form of energy interacting with us.

In this case, we are looking to monitor how energy is transferred and transformed in physical and chemical processes in the environment we are investigating. If we are unable to find those natural reasons, then we believe that it is paranormal activity.

Trigger Objects Moving

An object in motion will stay in motion unless it interacts with an outside force. The same can be said for an object NOT in motion.

Trigger objects are objects placed or objects known to be moved by the paranormal. Ghost investigators are simply removing any known factors that exist within the known realm of physics upon seeing a trigger object placed into motion.

Some examples may include gravity or vibrations being placed on that object. If all known triggers are removed as a possibility for an object moving on its own, investigators then conclude this is an object moved by a spirit.

Scientific Gadgets Reacting

These gadgets read other measurable scientific readings such as electromagnetic fields, thermal changes, and laser grids.

As an investigator, we are simply looking to explain manmade or natural phenomena to conclude this is a paranormal phenomenon instead.

For example, a laser grid may be broadcast throughout an entire hallway or room. These lasers will break if something passes through the lasers projected. Monitoring this with cameras and personal observations can remove objects such as animals moving through the lasers. Again, we remove all possible natural possibilities to determine if the grid was broken by a spirit moving through it.

A psychic women implementing a seance
Psychics are great assets to help investigate the paranormal

Psychic Paranormal Phenomenon

Psychic Paranormal phenomenon refers to having the ability to perceive information hidden from the normal senses through extrasensory perception (ESP). Psychics are believed to possess heightened intuition or a sixth sense, enabling them to gain insights about events, objects, people, or places beyond the usual physical or logical understanding. Common abilities associated with being psychic include:


The ability to hear sounds or voices that are beyond the range of normal hearing. Some describe this as the inner ear or the spirit speaking to the spirit within.


The ability to obtain information about an object or its owner through physical touch. Ghost Hunters may place multiple objects to be observed by a psychic, with only one of those objects associated with a potential spirit. The investigator can feel more confident in the reading if the psychic starts to channel with the correct object.


The ability to communicate with spirits or entities from the afterlife through meditation, seances, or Ouija sessions. This may be a great tactic to ascertain who is haunting a particular site.


There are many different ways that a spirit or paranormal phenomena interact with our world and ourselves. Some are based on the visual spectrum such as the viewing of an apparition appearing before you or on camera. Another is on the audio spectrum where even if ghost hunters do not hear it with their ears, more sensitive audio equipment may capture a spirit communicating to investigators. Sometimes, it is observing the physical aspects of this world and the physical laws being broken unnaturally. And then for some, there is an extra ability beyond what most are capable of that allows them to channel spirit and make contact.

When ghost hunting, using a variety of tactics that incorporate all 4 of the ways spirits manifest can increase the chances of capturing or witnessing a paranormal happening firsthand.

Happy Hunting!



What equipment do I need for ghost hunting?

Check out my blog post on ghost-hunting equipment for a helpful guide and shopping list. But for new ghost hunters, a camera phone can help you get started making videos, capturing audio, and unfolding EVP question sessions.

How do I know if a location is haunted?

Take the 4 different ways that paranormal activity usually occurs and look for those signs of activity unfolding at the potential site or your own home. From there, find local ghost tour guides, like myself, who can tell you more about the paranormal happenings unfolding in a community.

Is ghost hunting dangerous?

While ghost hunting itself is not inherently dangerous, exploring abandoned or unfamiliar locations can pose risks such as falls, exposure to hazardous materials, or encounters with wildlife. It's important to take precautions, such as using proper equipment and staying aware of your surroundings.

What should I do if I encounter a ghost or spirit?

If you believe you've encountered a ghost during a hunt, remain calm and respectful. Document any evidence you capture, such as photos or recordings, and try to communicate with the spirit using polite and non-confrontational methods. Remember you are speaking to the dead and to always prioritize your safety and well-being.

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