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What Are Orbs? Colors, Shapes, and the Meaning of Orbs Paranormal Investigating

Orbs have long fascinated both paranormal investigators and enthusiasts alike. These mysterious spherical anomalies appear in photographs and videos, often in locations with a reputation for being haunted. But what exactly are orbs? Are they proof of the supernatural, or is there a more mundane explanation? This comprehensive guide will delve into the world of orbs, exploring their colors, shapes, and meanings in the context of paranormal investigations.

Orb in a cemetery at dusk
Orbs. Paranormal Phenomena or Naturally Occurring?

Understanding Orbs: An Introduction

Orbs are typically small, circular light anomalies that show up in photographs and videos. They can vary in size, brightness, and color, and are often seen in locations where paranormal activity is suspected. While some people believe orbs are manifestations of spirits or other supernatural entities, others argue they can be explained by natural phenomena such as dust, pollen, or moisture particles reflecting light.

The Science Behind Orbs

Before delving into the paranormal interpretations, it's important to understand the scientific explanations for orbs. In most cases, orbs captured in photographs can be attributed to the following:

  1. Dust Particles: Tiny particles of dust close to the camera lens can reflect the camera's flash or other light sources, creating the appearance of glowing orbs.

  2. Moisture: Water droplets in the air can also reflect light in a similar manner, producing orb-like anomalies.

  3. Pollen: Like dust and moisture, pollen particles can cause light reflections that result in orb shapes in photos.

  4. Lens Flare: Light reflecting off the camera lens itself can create bright spots or orbs in images.

Despite these natural explanations, many paranormal investigators and enthusiasts maintain that some orbs cannot be easily dismissed as mere particles or light reflections, particularly those exhibiting unusual colors or movements.

Paranormal Interpretations of Orbs

For those who believe in the supernatural, orbs are often considered to be manifestations of spirits or otherworldly entities. Here are some common paranormal interpretations:

  1. Spirit Manifestations: Orbs are thought to be the simplest form of a spirit's manifestation. They are believed to be energy forms that spirits use to travel or make their presence known.

  2. Spirit Guides: Some people believe orbs represent spirit guides or guardian angels who are watching over and protecting us.

  3. Residual Energy: Orbs might also be seen as residual energy from past events, especially in locations with a lot of emotional or traumatic history.

Orb Colors and Their Meanings

One of the most intriguing aspects of orbs is their colors. Different colors are believed to have various meanings, potentially offering insights into the nature or intent of the spirit or energy behind the orb. Here’s a look at some of the most commonly reported orb colors and their associated meanings:

1. White/Silver Orbs

Meaning: Purity, Angelic, Protection, Spirituality

Interpretation: White orbs are often associated with positive energy and are believed to represent the presence of a protective spirit or guardian angel. They are seen as a sign of peace and purity. My sister Shanna often describes her guardian angel as presenting as a white light that wraps around her.

2. Blue Orbs

Meaning: Truth, Peace, Creativity

Interpretation: Blue orbs are thought to signify a calm and healing presence for the psyche. They are often associated with spirits that are trying to communicate in a gentle and peaceful manner or to encourage growth through visions of creativity.

3. Green Orbs

Meaning: Nature, Healing, Growth, Love

Interpretation: Green orbs are linked to nature and the healing properties of the earth. They may represent spirits connected to nature or those that bring a message of growth and renewal. My Father's spirit at a time of great division between myself and my mother presented as a green orb for several seconds to both of us.

4. Red Orbs

Meaning: Passion, Restlessness, Earthly, Safety

Interpretation: Red orbs can be more intense and are sometimes seen as a warning or sign to seek safety or shelter. They may indicate the presence of a spirit with a strong or passionate past.

5. Yellow/Gold Orbs

Meaning: Divinity, Luck, Self-Awareness, Willpower, Intellect

Interpretation: Yellow orbs are associated with a strong divine message to the seer. They may signify the presence of an intelligent spirit that brings messages of optimism and encouragement or enlighten.

6. Purple/Violet Orbs

Meaning: Intuition, Psychic Visions, A Psychically Charged Being, Spirituality,

Interpretation: Purple orbs are often connected to spiritual wisdom and transformation. They may indicate the presence of a highly evolved spirit or one that brings a message of deep spiritual significance.

7. Black Orbs

Meaning: Divine Guidance, Evil, Danger, Negative Energy

Interpretation: Black orbs are considered the most mysterious and are often seen as a sign of negative energy or danger. They may indicate the presence of a troubled or malevolent spirit. Sometimes, this is a spirit that may be in a darker state of mind as well. Not evil, just angry. Pay attention to how you feel if you encounter a black orb and let that be your ultimate guide on how to proceed.

Orb Shapes and Their Significance

In addition to color, the shape of an orb can also hold significance in paranormal investigations. Here are some of the shapes and their potential meanings:

1. Perfectly Round Orbs

Meaning: Harmony, Completion, Purity

Interpretation: Orbs that are perfectly round are often seen as signs of harmony and purity. They are believed to represent balanced energy and the presence of a peaceful spirit.

Debunking: Be mindful of water and dust particles in the air. Take multiple photos over an extended period of time.

2. Elongated Orbs

Meaning: Movement, Transition, Restlessness

Interpretation: Elongated orbs are thought to signify movement or transition. They may indicate the presence of a spirit that is restless or in the process of moving from one place to another.

Debunking: Be mindful of flying insects in the area and camera shutter speed. These can present as elongated orbs.

3. Multi-Orbs

Meaning: Group Presence, Community, Strong Energy

Interpretation: When multiple orbs appear together, it is often seen as a sign of strong energy or the presence of a group of spirits. This can indicate a place with significant spiritual activity.

Debunking: Be mindful or insect swarms and overly dry/moist conditions with dust or water particles present

4. Orbs with Trails

Meaning: Motion, Intention, Direction

Interpretation: Orbs that leave trails are believed to be moving with intention and direction. This can indicate the presence of a spirit with a specific purpose or message.

Debunking: Be mindful of flying insects in your camera shot.

Capturing Orbs: Tips for Paranormal Investigators

If you’re interested in capturing orbs during your paranormal investigations, here are some tips to help you:

  1. Use a Good Quality Camera: A high-resolution camera with a powerful flash is essential for capturing orbs. Digital cameras are often preferred for their clarity and ease of use.

  2. Video/Take Multiple Shots: Take several photos of the same area to increase your chances of capturing an orb. Orbs may appear in one shot and not in another. Videos and filming instead of static photography may be best to help interpret whether an orb is a natural occurrence or a paranormal phenomena.

  3. Use Your Flash: Flash is alright to use when investigating just, again, be aware of dust and moisture in the air. Orbs do not present for long. Taking several shots at the same spot in sequence will help differentiate between orbs and dust/water particles in the air. If you see the orbs in every single shot over a long period of time, you know this is environmental.

  4. Avoid Dust and Moisture: Try to minimize the presence of dust and moisture, which can create false orbs. Wipe down surfaces and be cautious about shooting in foggy or damp conditions.

  5. Observe Insects: Make sure to study your environment for insects small and large. Some insects may be captured in pictures to look like orbs but you will see blurring edges to the orb indicating wings.

  6. Use a Controlled Environment: Conduct your investigations in controlled environments where you can account for all potential sources of light and reflection.

  7. Analyze Carefully: After your investigation, carefully analyze your photos and videos. Look for consistent patterns or unusual movements that could indicate genuine orb activity. An orbs movements will be purposeful.

Debunking Orbs: The Skeptical Viewpoint

While many people believe in the paranormal significance of orbs, skeptics argue that most orb sightings can be easily debunked. Here are some common arguments against the paranormal interpretation of orbs:

  1. Camera Artifacts: Skeptics argue that orbs are often camera artifacts caused by the reflection of light off small particles close to the lens. So make sure your camera lens' are clean of dust/water particles.

  2. Environmental Factors: Dust, pollen, and moisture are all common environmental factors that can create the appearance of orbs in photographs.

  3. Psychological/Pareidolia Factors: The human brain is wired to recognize patterns, even when none exist. This can lead people to interpret random light reflections as paranormal phenomena. Which is why an paranormal investigator should always be observing their environment from as many angles as possible.


Orbs remain one of the most intriguing and controversial aspects of paranormal investigations. While scientific explanations such as dust, moisture, and camera artifacts can account for many orb sightings, the possibility that some orbs may represent genuine spiritual phenomena continues to captivate the imagination.

For those who believe in the paranormal, orbs offer a tangible connection to the spirit world, a glimpse into the unseen dimensions that surround us. Whether you view them as mere photographic anomalies or as evidence of the supernatural, orbs invite us to explore the mysteries of existence and the enduring enigma of life beyond death.

As we continue to investigate and debate the nature of orbs, one thing remains clear: the fascination with these mysterious spheres is unlikely to fade anytime soon. So the next time you see a glowing orb in a photograph, take a moment to wonder—what if there’s more to this world than meets the eye?


What is an orb?

An orb is a what a ghost hunter or parapsychologist observes as a 3 dimensional ball of light. These lights can present in different shapes, sizes, and colors.

What is Debunking?

Debunking is a word we use in ghost hunting and investigations to apply scientific methods to determine if the possible paranormal phenomenon can be explained using scientific principles.

What is Pareidolia?

Pareidolia is a phenomenon in which people see faces or patters in ambiguous images.

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