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Visioning: The Phenomenon of Seeing Loved Ones Near Death

Updated: Apr 20

Death is a universal experience that affects us all, and it often comes with a mix of emotions, including fear, sadness, and uncertainty. But for some people, death can also bring comfort and a sense of peace, especially when they experience the phenomenon of visioning.

There are several studies that focus on how the dying have interacted with loved ones that have passed on before them. In 1926, Sir William Barrett published findings on this phenomenon. In the 1960s and 70s, Dr. Karlis Osis of the American Society for Psychical Research published, At the Hour of Death, a case study of 1,000 doctors, nurses, and staff that also witnessed the Vision Phenomenan while caring for dying patients.

These studies are inspired by the dying’s experience and those that they leave behind to witness what some in short may liken to a miracle, a phenomenon, or a paranormal experience.

I myself have witnessed my mother in hospice in my two sisters’ home, interact and describe her experience of loved ones coming to visit her. She also recounted an interaction with a young girl coming and standing in the corner of her bedroom. A spirit that my sisters have witnessed in their home long before our mom went to end the last months of her life in. Like so many others experiences along with that of my mother’s, investigators and researchers classify this phenomenon as Visioning.

Visioning is a common experience reported by individuals who are near death, where they see loved ones who have passed away, often appearing as if they are still alive. This experience can occur during the dying process, or in some cases, people may see these visions in their dreams or in a state of deep meditation.

Many people who experience visioning report that these visions are incredibly vivid and lifelike and that they bring a sense of comfort and peace during what can be a very stressful and difficult time. The visions may involve loved ones who have recently passed away, or they may involve people who have been gone for many years.

There are several theories about why visioning occurs. Some experts believe that it is a natural part of the dying process, as the mind and body are in the process of letting go of this life. Others believe that it is a way for the mind to cope with the loss of loved ones, and to help the person find comfort and peace during the dying process.

In some cases, visioning may also be related to religious or spiritual beliefs, as some people believe that loved ones are appearing to guide the person to the afterlife. Others believe that it is a manifestation of the collective unconscious and that people who experience visioning are tapping into a shared pool of memories and experiences that exist outside of time and space.

Regardless of the reason behind visioning, it is clear that for many people, the experience can be incredibly comforting and bring a sense of peace during a difficult time. Whether it is a manifestation of the mind or a glimpse into the afterlife, the visions of loved ones near death can provide comfort and help us to find meaning during this final journey.

In conclusion, visioning is a phenomenon that is experienced by many people who are near death, where they see visions of loved ones who have passed away. While the reasons behind visioning are still the subject of much debate and speculation with each new study, each new experience, many have come closer to realizing that there is indeed something more to the life and the ending of it than we understand.

If you have witnessed this phenomenon, I would love to hear more. Please feel free to leave a comment. If that is too public, a private communication via email is welcomed also!


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